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  • As you explore Brazil’s hidden shemale gems, discover exclusive restaurants or immerse yourself in thriving nightlife, your transgender escort will remain your trusted confidante, partner and guide, ensuring that every encounter with them is exquisite, indulgent and unforgettable.
  • TS Lucy, London
  • Alexa is an amazing person who fully embraces her true self. She radiates confidence and enthusiasm in all that she does. People are drawn to her magnetic personality, and she's known for her diverse interests and captivating energy. Her creativity knows no limits, and those who have shared their time with her can attest to the unforgettable experiences she offers.

    Her stunning appearance is a striking combination of elegance and allure. With her tall frame, especially when she adds heels to the mix, her long, beautiful legs take center stage. Complement that with a slim waist and perfectly rounded breasts, and you have a true icon of beauty and sensuality. Alexa fearlessly showcases her stunning looks through bold and revealing outfits, making a lasting impression on everyone, whether you're into the powerful dominatrix style or a sweet, affectionate girlfriend experience.

    During the day, Alexa is just like any other friendly girl-next-door. She enjoys music, dancing, and a night out on the town, and her charismatic presence always captures the camera's attention. However, when the night falls, she reveals her experienced dominatrix side. She's skilled at helping people explore their desires and guiding them through the exciting world of femdom. If you're new to this world, she makes an excellent and gentle teacher. She also specializes in tie and tease, offering a fantastic introduction to BDSM. Beyond that, she's no stranger to vanilla intimacy and role-playing, ensuring that she can provide the ultimate girlfriend experience.

    In a nutshell, Alexa is the complete package, and if you're ready for an unforgettable experience, she can be the one to make your night truly special.
  • Alexa, London

  • I am 170cm tall, with a slim and athletic figure. I have silky skin, smooth thighs to wrap around you and soft natural breasts, all coupled with a gentle feminine voice.

    I love longer meetings when I can truly indulge you and give you an unforgettable time.

    I specialize in a genuine girlfriend experience but if you want something raunchier. . . just tell me your desires.

    I am not just for men, I am very happy to meet couples as well as other women.

    First timer? You can relax completely in the knowledge that I will put you at your ease, and help you enjoy the sexual experience you’ve dreamed about. You are not weird, there is nothing wrong with you, lots of guys love trans girls -be they straight, bi, gay or just experimenting.

    Come and live out your fantasy.

    Please get in touch by phone, text or WhatsApp when you are ready to make a booking.

    Whatsapp video entertainment 20 mins £50

    Want to see more of me, please go to
  • Louise British TS, London
  • Hi! Are you also looking for free sex and entertainment? Have you not experienced new vivid impressions for a long time? Pay attention, there is an intimate dating portal where you can quickly get acquainted with a beautiful transsexual, for free. This is absolutely confidential! You will be surprised, the beauties will be the first to write to you and offer to relax without financial gain. Immediately go to
  • Isabelx, London
  • is a place to flirt with interesting transsexuals! Contact them for flirting and dating today. Like you, they are looking for exciting meetings (at your place or at her house).
    It is safe and comfortable even for the inexperienced or curious.
    Go to and register for free, look at the profiles, start flirting and dating.
    In short: easy contact for him and for her!
  • xGinax, London
  • My name is Eva and I am a Stunning Blonde Escort who loves to party. I provide In and Out calls. I really take my time to get to know my companion so we enjoy every moment together. My smile is second to none, and my personality is flirtatious and caring. I offer a luxurious, full experience so please do get in touch to book me. My height compliments my seductive figure and I have lovely brown eyes for you to gaze into. If you are looking to wine and dine me first then I know plenty of elegant restaurants in Central London, or you may wish to whisk me away to sexy Hotel like The Ritz! I work most days and it is advisable to pre-book me. You may call, whatsap or email to book me.
  • Eva, London
  • Heey, new in area and I love the place. Hope find nice people around xxx

    Discretion and confidentiality make me a trustworthy person. Sometimes you need to find time for yourself to feel goo
  • Naughty TS Dennise, London
  • Are you a nice, polite and serious man? Then I was looking for you! I'm starting to feel a little lonely and thought it would be nice to make contact that way. I am a single transsexual myself, 25 years old. In addition, I am well-groomed, neat, successful in life and have a good job. A man must also match the level. Your age doesn't matter.
    I registered here once, just to quickly see if there is a suitable candidate for me here. I don't read personal messages here, etc.
    I do not know what else to add right now, but if you are seriously interested, of course I will tell you a little more. I'm afraid some jerk will hurt me. For this reason, my experienced friend advised me to specify the email first: [email protected]
  • DaniTS, London
  • Young, attractive, with a sense of humor tgirl looking for a guy with whom to spend pleasant drunken moments. Age does not matter to me. I live alone, so we can feel comfortable. Of course, I do not take money, I am only interested in mutual pleasure. I have a lot to offer, but you'll find out when you meet me. So, if you are interested, email me at [email protected]
  • TsCleo, London
  • Hello. I am new to this site, will I be lucky... I am a sensual single transgender woman. 22 years old, 170 cm. I just arrived in the city, looking for a man, a friend for sex.
    I am friendly and playful, elegant and intelligent.
    I can give you an erotic massage that will make you crazy.
    Now it's your turn to tell about yourself more than a few words.
    If you are interested in me, write to [email protected]
  • SophieTS, London
  • Hi, I'm a pre-op transsexual with nice boobs and good character. I am looking for an interesting man.
    I recently went through a lot of personal drama. So I would like to cautiously try online dating.
    My height is 172. Pay attention to my dignity: no cellulite!
    I am cheerful and friendly. I am active/passive. I have free time, my own car and a lot of sexual drive. I am not looking for a sponsor. I don't want to be a sponsor.
    If you are fun, polite and prettier than a monkey (Bravo!), let me know about you! Please be brave!
    It's pointless to write personal messages here - I don't read them.
    To avoid scammers and compulsive maniacs, I don't post my permanent contact information here. I don't send out my photos because of email requests. If you're really interested, it's all readily available on my profile at
  • TSLeah, London
  • Hi, it's okay, but I'm very shy...
    I'm new here. I want to see if I can find someone good on this site.
    I've always had a hard time finding a dating partner because I'm shy. Also, I'm a beautiful woman, but I still have a penis. Right now I'm saving up money for an operation. And men are usually afraid of the fact that I have a penis (totally in vain!). I'm going to try here, maybe I'll have a better chance on a dating site with men.

    I have natural breasts, they are medium sized, but beautiful. The rest of my body is also natural. Long hair, nice shapely legs, firm ass, fully shaved body. I am looking for sex. I love anal and blow jobs. I'm ready to travel. If you like a girl with a dick, let me know about you soon! Friendly advice: no one will reply to a simple "hello" with a picture of a dick attached.
    I don't respond to personal messages here and I don't check them!

    Are you seriously interested and want my answer, quick answer? I'm EmilyTS, 24 years old, I'm constantly available (I'm only comfortable that way!) for first contact only at
  • EmilyTS, London
  • Hey guys!
    There are so many things going on in the world today, and we have no idea how else this year could change for the worse. We have no time left to be idle and regret what we didn't do. Instead of wondering if it's worth pampering yourself today, it's time to pull the trigger on your fantasy.

    I am a charming transsexual with a sweet personality, feminine attraction!
    I'm looking for someone with a penis to entertain myself (or a regular partner, I'm open to any suggestions). Newbies welcome.
    If you're looking for a hottie, I'm the perfect companion!
    I am also a licensed massage therapist.
    I live alone in my home. You can come to my home or I will come anywhere.
    Please, only serious, not endless texts!
    I don't read any personal messages here!

    Stranger, I want to feel completely safe (that's reasonable, right?). I don't demand your money for sex, so meet my conditions! If you're interested, the first personal contact with me before the meeting (CamilleTS, 25 years old) is through a proven place -
  • CamilleTS, London
  • Exclusive, statuesque and well-groomed feminine body. I'm 1.70, medium breast size.
    Important clarification for the uncomprehending: I am a pre-op transsexual.
    Meetings, webcam. No restrictions. No taboos. I am active and passive.
    Real without neurasthenia.

    I am looking exclusively for gentlemen who know how to treat a special woman like me well.
    Inquisitive straight men are welcome.
    I have a quiet and very private apartment, but I am ready to come to you.
    I don't need your money - I need emotion and pleasure!

    I don't reply to personal messages here!!! I don't swap pics on w.a.
    I am educated and polite, but there are so many pigs around!!! Because of this (to make me feel safe) first contact with me (I'm TinaTS) via the famous specialized
  • TinaTS, London
  • Please note: I am 24 years old, I am transsexual! I am beautiful, very comfortable in communication and tactful.
    I have beautiful breasts and a big dick.
    I don't want a permanent relationship just sex!
    I will be glad to give you a nice massage and have sex for our mutual pleasure.
    I have a private cozy apartment. All confidential!
    Of course, all this is 100% free. My only payment is my pleasure.
    If you're shy, we can chat on webcams first.

    I don't answer messages! If you need information, you can easily find it yourself on my page (my contacts are there too!) - I'm Catherinets at
  • Catherinets, London
  • I'm a pre-op transsexual (25 years old). I have neat boobs and a nice bonus in my underpants.
    I am well-mannered, well-educated and always in a good-natured mood.
    I am looking for an understanding man for a pleasant communication and maybe more.
    During consensual meetings, anything is possible! Possible massage. Possible webcam sex.
    I am just looking for fun. I don't need sponsors and I don't want to be a sponsor!

    I'm inexperienced, but I've been attacked by psychopaths before.
    For this reason, the first contact with me and the beginning of acquaintance (I do not read personal messages here!) is through my profile `AnniTS` on
  • AnniTS, London
  • I am ODeaTS, 22 years old.
    I am looking for horny men for real s[e]x dating or webcam. All confidential.
    I'm a beautiful, sweet, affectionate brunette who loves pleasure.
    I can give you a good bl[o]w job and after that you can f[u]ck me.
    I'm ready for any trips and I'm also ready to invite you to my home.
    I don't need your money.
    See you soon, big kisses!

    Important: I don't read personal messages here at all!
    For initial contact with me (sorry, because I'm very afraid of harassment from aggressive people) and to view more photos, videos or webcam (nickname:ODeaTS) >
  • ODeaTS, London
  • I am 22 years old. I am a romantic and very gentle TS.I am looking for a man for dating (long-term relationships are possible), web s[e]x.I have a good character and external attractiveness.
    I am financially independent.
    I am afraid of psychopaths, so please write to me first through a popular dating place (my nickname is SandraDay) >> WWW.GAYPLUS.CONTACT

    There you will immediately find out detailed information about me.
    Then I'll give you my contact details.
    I miss you!

    [!] I'm not looking for a sponsor and I don't want to be one!
    I'm not a professional. For me, this is a pleasant hobby.

    Unfortunately, I very rarely look at this site and do not read personal messages!

  • SanDyx, London
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